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Trucking is our business-our company has over 70 years of combined experience trucking freight through all of the lower 48 states. Cost effective shipping requires serious logistical planning and in depth knowledge of shipping trends to ensure your customer gets the absolute best rate possible for each and every single shipment.  For example if a company has multiple hotshot, power only or flatbed shipments shipping from west to east then it is cheaper to ship from east to west as the trucks need to reload in order to be contract compliant.
We are certain that you will find the staff at  staff very helpful as well as knowledgeable in what ever kind of freight or load you intend on shipping.

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Our company is part of the future of trucking for hotshot, flatbed and power only in the respect that we have a huge national network of b2b trucking companies that depend on us daily for business and your trucking needs contribute to this network. We literally move multiple millions of pounds products each year such as cooling towers, steel pipe, vehicles, tractors and basically everything else you can think of that is manufactured in this category as far as shipping is concerned. We carefully evaluate each shipment and match it with a suitable company for the job based on experience as well as equipment availability, then dispatch them appropriately.  This means we?e not only able to give our clients superb rates with a quick response, but contribute to keeping an entire national network of hotshot, power only and flatbed trucking companies that need freight in production. Keeping their trucks loaded generates revenue keeping their company alive. Our kind of powerful company networking in the flatbed, hotshot and power only industry is creating opportunities for manufactures as the transportation costs of trucking is kept to a minimum by soliciting literally thousands of flatbed, hotshot and power only trucking companies with a single job, rather than just getting a bid from on or two anyone could call from a local phone directory. What this translates to is indirect savings for American Consumers at the retail end as the cost of transportation was minimized to it lowest proportion. XML sitemap. XHTML sitemap.

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